The Big Christmas Swindle by Gunthie

This is the story of the biggest Christmas swindle ever and how the grownups failed to keep it!

As every other child I believed that Santa Claus and the Christmas Child are real shapes. When I was about 6 years old my mom and my grand mom told me on Christmas day never try to look through the keyhole of the door to the living room. If I will try I would get blinded because the christ child is so shining bright! To fortify this pronouncement they figure out that this has already happened to a child in the town for some years ago. One may just enter the room if the Christmas bell is ringing!

Because of this story I was so frightened that I kept a large distance to the door to my grandpartent’s living room during the whole Christmas day.

At the evening when the bell was ringing we rushed into the living room: it was full of gifts and the candles were alight on the Christmas tree. But one thing was somehow strange to me: Grandpa was sitting in his wheelchair in the living room during the christ child brought the gifts – how can he sit there, not blinded, still able to see but smoking a cigar?

Next year on Santa Claus Eve I had the next strange experience: as every year Santa Claus visited us, he told us what we have done bad or good and finally pulled out the gifts for my brother and me out of his huge bag. To my surprise I saw that Santa wore the same leisure suite under his red coat as Dad always wore. Also his voice sounds like Dad’s voice albeit a little bit deeper.

Some days later our mom said to us: Let’s have a walk through the forest – maybe the christ child has lost something of its gifts on its way to the kids! This made me first a little bit suspicious but as we really found a paper bag full of cookies on our Christmas walk I turned nearly over to believe it. But it was strange again: the cookies looked the same as Mom backed four days ago and they were packed in the same paper bags she used for our school sandwiches!

18 days later on Christmas day the christmassy house of cards finally felt down. The years before in the morning of the 24th of December a mysterious bell was ringing in the corridor and if you look out of your room there were small pieces of chocolate lying on the floor. The grownups told us kids: the chocolate was left by the little golden horse that helps the christ child to bring out all the gifts around the world.

This day I saw my cousin playing in the snow and so I rushed out of the room to join him. Just in the moment I have opened the door I caught my grandma in the corridor ringing the bells of the little golden horse and she was so shocked to see me that she took an intensive scream and the chocolate felt out of her hand!

So it’s finally proved now: grownups are outed as tricksters and Christmas is just a big swindle on kids! No word true! None of this mystic shapes are real! No Christmas child, no Santa Claus and no little golden horse!

But to be honest: every child wants that this swindle is going on next year’s Christmas again. And if you are still feeling the little child inside yourself you might also say:

Christmas swindle?

Never heard!

It’s not a swindle!

It’s Christmas!